OMG! Brazilian Gang Leaks Photos Of Female Prison Office In Revenge (PHOTOS 18+)

A notorious gang in Brazil has taken vengeance on the authority by leaking Nood photos of a female police officer for arresting thier leader.

One of the most notorious gangs in Brazil, has lived up to its billing by engaging in a new sort of warfare by leaking the Nood photos of a senior female police officer as a way of avenging the arrest of some of their members by the police.

According to Media Takeout, the gang hacked into the private social media account of a top officer of the Brazilian Military Police of Rio de Janeiro named Julia and stumbled on her naked pictures.

Upset at the arrest of its members including their leader who was arrested over the weekend, they promptly released the naked photos.

They are highly sensitive and i couldnt afford to put them up here on this blog to avoid being suspended.....

if you are really interested in checking them out check them out below

Warning:- Not Suitable For Persons Under 20


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