Nigerian-American Basketball Player, Iguodala's Babymama Demands N16M/Month For Upkeep

Andre Iguodala’s Baby Mama Wants Child Support Increased From $18,000 To $58,000 For Daughter’s Education

Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala has a 6-year-old daughter who might just be a certified genius. According to TMZ, the little girl reportedly has an IQ of 151 and her mother says she can no longer afford her education expenses despite the $18,000 per month that she currently receives.

Clayanna Warthen was with Andre for 6 years and feels that she is now entitled to $58,000 per month because Andre is now making about $11 million a year in the NBA.

We get that private schools can be very expensive, but if you need $58,000 to cover those costs, then perhaps it’s time for home school or something.

The two are set to appear in court today to settle this dispute.

Thoughts on ex-wives and girlfriends who think they deserve this kind of money?


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