Zimbabwe man beats up lover's husband for disturbing them during sex

A Zimbabwean man, Thembani Ncube, has been arrested for beating up the husband of his lover for allegedly disturbing the two during sex, reports Nehanda Radio.
According to reports by the police in Douglasdale, Ncube was having sex with the woman identified as Sibanda, when her 53-year-old legitimate husband, Emlothi Mlilo, returned from work to find that his wife was not at home, and having previously suspected Ncube of having affairs with her, proceeded to his rival's home to check if she was there.
On arrival at the home of the intruder, he burst into them having sex and he challenged Ncube who teamed up with his wife to beat him severely, forcing him to run to the police with injuries inflicted on him.
Mlilo suffered a swollen head and broken ribs in the attack. Ncube, Sibanda and two other men were arrested after Mlilo filed a complaint with police.
During questioning, Ncube admitted to beating Mlilo because he disturbed him while sleeping with the woman.


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