WTH!!! man tries to electrocute father to inherit estate

A 44-year old man from Florida, USA, John Knudsen, has been arrested and charged for allegedly attempting to electrocute his 81-year-old father, John Knudsen Snr, after he learnt that he would be the sole beneficiary of his father's estate, so he wanted to inherit the money immediately, Worldwide Weird News reports.

According to reports in the Worldwide Weird News, Knudsen Jnr, who is jobless, had learned that he was the sole beneficiary of his father's estate,  and after they had an argument over his unemployment status, decided to do away with the old man.
Days after learning about the will, the father told the police said that his son entered the bathroom when he was inside and attempted to kill him with an electric cord plugged into the outlet and open wires on the other end. He then pressed the live wires into his father's chest, zapping him.

The senior Knudsen passed out during the incident, and when he awoke, he tried to calm his son down. After an hour of talking, both went to bed. The victim locked the door of his bedroom and slept with a gun under his pillow for protection in case his son comes back to complete the attack, the police report stated.
When his son was asleep, the 81-year-old man ran out of the house and went to the Ormond Beach Police Department.
The younger Knudsen was charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated abuse of an elderly person and aggravated battery on a person aged 65 or older.


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