SMH!!!! See How Bad Most Of The School Classrooms In Kano State Are - Photos

Ibrahim Garba Maryam shared these photos of dilapidated school classrooms in Kano State. See what he wrote after the cut…
    This is how thousands of classrooms look like in Kano state but he is still building bridges that has more commission rather than humanity. Building new classes is not the matter what matters fix the old schools and give more priority to social auditing and biogenic needs . Just imaging he is demolishing schools in ungogo local gvt to expand roads . What is the secrets in bridge building and motor parks while women a dying at child birth , unqualified teachers, insufficient female teachers poor infrastructure , poor health facilities , poor road networks , public school moving in reverse gear and private schools encouraging sodomy . We are waiting to see gvt respond on Ha$$an Gwarzo sodomy committee reports you can deny the media to cover up the case but we are wise to tell the parents . Unpunished Ha$$an Gwarzo is an encouragement and support of g*y rights indirectly . Pls minister come down to Kano and secretly visits our schools in rural areas in Kano . Where is the transparency in good governanance”


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