Nigeria Will Suffer: International Spend Restriction On Naira ATM Card - See What It Means

Just this Morning, This News surfaced “Banks Stop Use Of ATM Cards Abroad“.
I know most of you will just look and take of your eyes like Wetin concern me but you don’t know it will affect everyone, Read the True meaning below..
What does this spend restrictions mean for me and you?
It Means
“It means our economy is removed from international world. Nigerian economy is now local. Anything you can’t find and buy locally, forget it.”
Your Card won’t work whenever you want to use it in making payment for anything outside nigeria.
It means your naira denominated cards won’t be useful to make international payments, such as buy things on amazon, ebay or pay for domain names and hosting etc”
Don’t you think we internet business men and women will suffer for this?"


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