Marketers Explain The Reason Behind the Recent Fuel Scarcity Across the Nation

The fuel crisis took a dramatic turn for the worse, yesterday, as massive queues were seen in almost all the petrol stations selling the products in Abuja, according to the reports. Also, some oil marketers, who spoke to our correspondent, blamed the prolonged scarcity  on the insincerity of the Federal Government and called on Nigerians to expect
a further worsening of the situation in the days ahead. This was after a slight improvement was recorded few days after the Senate approved the supplementary budget which was to be used mainly for payments of subsidy claims to oil marketers. Some marketers who spoke to a reporter blamed the renewed intensity of the crisis on the fact that they are yet to receive payments for their subsidy claims, a situation that had made it difficult for them to purchase the product.  Specifically, one of the marketers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, wondered what is delaying the payment of the claims, while he accused the Federal Government of not showing concern for the plight of Nigerians. The marketer disclosed that Nigerians should expect tougher days ahead, stating that if the subsidy claims are eventually paid, it would take days for oil marketers to access the funds, place order for the products, get the consignment and start distributing the products to all the nooks and crannies of the country. He said: “Nigerians should hold the Federal Government responsible for the sufferings they are currently passing through. This government was aware of outstanding subsidy claims from their first day in office, but they had to wait for six months, until Nigerians could no longer bear the suffering in silence, before they took any action” -


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