Man Plans Fake Marriage Proposal for Cheating Girlfriend in Epic Breakup Video

Hurt by the cheating of his girlfriend, a man went the extra lengths to dump his girlfriend. The video has become an internet sensation in the process and has been tagged the most elaborate way of dumping a 'cheating' girlfriend ever!  The clip starts with the man who calls himself "Beanie" explaining how he and his girlfriend had recently got engaged, but that he found out she had been allegedly cheating on him. He then outlines how he is going to dump her using a fake proposal. Laying out a trail of candles and glitter leading to the bedroom, the unsuspecting girlfriend will find an envelope waiting on the bed for her to open. Inside she will find a poster and a heart shaped card, apparently telling her she is about to be whisked off to see the Northern Lights. But when a poem written on the front of the card asks her to turn inside, it is revealed he knows about her alleged infidelity. He then walks out of the house, lock the door and never returned. And his devious plan appears to work to perfection.

Download Video here


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