I Abstained From Sex Because I wanted To Get Closer To God —Tiwa Savage

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tiwa Savage has revealed that she lived a chaste life in order to be closer to God.
The ‘Love in Yellow’ singer said she was not into boys when growing up—and yet still after she got married, her husband trust her and sees her to be a ‘virtuous lady’ who won’t fall for other men.

According to her, she was once brokenhearted—and also recounted how she stopped having s*x for three years in a recent interview.
“I may not always get to kneel down and pray but at some point in the car or wherever I am, I would have a conversation with God; I am very spiritual. I do not joke with paying tithe or speaking with God. I owe everything to him and I guess a lot of people don’t see that side,” said Tiwa Savage.

“I had gone through a tough time trying to find myself. I went through heartbreak and I remember crying so much through that time. I felt lost and didn’t know where I needed to be in this world. I know this sounds cliché, but I was praying one day and I literally felt the presence of God in the room with me,” Tiwa Savage revealed.

“And, you know when you first give your life to Christ, you are a radical. So, then, I would preach to strangers on the train and say Jesus sent me to you.

“And for three years, I was not intimate with a man. I didn’t kiss or have s*x. Every time I hugged a man it would be from the side. A lot of people can relate to that because it has happened to a lot of us but the key is to be consistent,” she said.

“I was never into boys, which is probably why my husband has full confidence that the big men flashing money in my face won’t faze me,” she disclosed to Genevieve Magazine.


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