WOW: Meet 1 Year Old Layla Richards, The First Person To Be Cured Of Cancer - Photo

Layla Richards, 1 was diagnosed of cancer when she was only 14 week old.
In a ground breaking treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in central London, she was able to be cured of acute lymphoblastic cancer.

Layla went through extensive chemotherapy treatment but the cancer proved persistent and doctors advised her parents to consider palliative care options.

Her father, Ashleigh Richards, 30, a driver, said: ‘It was scary to think that the treatment had never been used in a human before but, even with the risks, there was no doubt that we wanted to try the treatment. She was sick and in lots of pain so we had to do something.’

Professor Paul Veys, director of bone marrow transplant at GOSH and Layla’s head doctor, said: ‘As this was the first time that the treatment had been used, we didn’t know if or when it would work and so we were over the moon when it did.


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