World End?!!! Internet Goes Crazy Over Sightings Of Goat Man [Video]

Urban legends seem to stick in the minds of teenagers everywhere, scaring the shit out of pretty much everyone in their wake- especially if you’re hanging out in the woods on a pitch black night.

But one monster really manages to freak everyone the fuck out… Goatman.

Legend says that all across America, that the monster lives in the darkness. It lurks on the boundaries of suburbia mere miles from peoples homes. It walks about on either two or four legs depending on the circumstances, whilst others say he’s a horned man with a furry, hooved lower-half much like creatures from Greek mythology.

The Goatman has been in amongst popular culture since 1957 and was first spotted in Maryland. The hybrid creature is as the name suggests, half-man and half-goat, but like sightings of any paranormal activity they’re pretty blurred and difficult to confirm their authenticity.

The cynics amongst us would just say all of these alleged sightings are just elaborate pranks by guys who want their time in the spotlight- but some people take this shit pretty seriously.

So much so, that Wisconsin-based ghost hunter J. Nathan Couch wrote a book about the creature- titled: Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? He dug in deeper into the history of the Goatman- who has frightened scores of people over nearly 60 years of alleged sightings.

American cryptid-spotters from all across the country have recently spotted the creature colloquially known as “The Pope Lick Monster” in Kentucky, Texas and Wisconsin.


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