We Will Wipe Out All The Shiites Muslims From The Surface Of The Earth! - Boko Haram

The Boko Haram Islamic sect has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack on members of the Shia sect as they were carrying out their annual procession in Kano.
The terrorists, which claims to belong to the Sunni sect, threatened to annihilate its perceived rival sect.

Making this claim in a message posted on the social media on Saturday, the terrorists swore to carry out more of
such incidents in the days ahead, threatening that “By the permission of Allah, these attacks of ours against Shi’a polytheists will continue ‎until we cleanse the earth of their filth.”

It would be recalled that twenty-one
people, mostly women and children, were reportedly killed on Friday
in an attack that was perpetrated by a suicide bomber.

Members of the Shia sect were trekking
from Kano to Zaria, for their annual procession, when the terror
attack took place at Samawa village in Garun Mallam local government area of Kano State.


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