THE PAIN OF OLA DIPS - Read what a Fan feels about his song

A New Fan of Ola Dips sent this to Us:-
I never thought I could write about this young talented dude.
Have over times come across his songs online but never for once tried downloading and all because am not familiar with him, i thought he was just some random dudes that just want to be heard of in which he proved me wrong.
Just days ago i stumbled on the adele hello cover he did and i said to myself must most nigerian artiste do a cover of most international popular songs.
I scrolled down the website i was and there was nothing that caught my attention so decided to try him (oladip) out by downloading the cover he did not because i wanted to but my love for adele’s songs.
At the beginning which he started with “Paddi mi gbadura fun mi” I was like jeez why his this guy disgracing himself and nigeria music industry as a whole because everyone is doing a cover doesn’t mean you should too now and in yoruba huh.
Reached for my delete button when my phone rang. After the phone call the song continued playing and i was intrested again.
I carefully listened from the starting to the end, he drew my attention and made me forget i downloaded adele supposed cover.
It was so obvious that this talented young man is so pained and he positively has something great to offer the music industry.
He said in the song “Oladip is the name no dey dull make you google search” trust me i did and i was surprised he has so many tracks, and i found no video of his anywhere.
Then i realise he was lacking a record label to sign him and push him and also money.
I said to myself what is he not doing right?
This dude has the flow,swagg and personality to go with it.
Why is no one paying him attention ? Is it because they can’t make money of him?
Absolutely not because the likes of olamide cdq lil kesh are making it big with same style and yoruba language.
Or is he getting deals but waiting for bigger ones?
Oladip A.K.A omo iya aje where ever you’re if it happens you reading this I would like you to keep up the good work sooner or later you would hit it big and Please don’t forget those who help you.
I want you to take note stop making your weakness obvious. I advice you reduce the way you talk about what you lacking so it wouldn’t backfire in the future be it through your manager, record label or fans and friends so they wouldn’t take advantage of that to ruin you down.
Above all i suggest you work on a street hit track something catchy that would draw people’s attentions to you.
Be it rap or other way round, with that you should be able to get shows and make money to shoot a video to promote yourself.
Best of lucks dude omo iya aje.
Written by:- Shadrach Ajibola
Posted by:- BABAJIDE (@dat_NAWTY_boi)


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