Pain (see you again cover) by Ajanaku (mp3+video) review

AJANAKU. (pain mp3 + video review)

Echo music Group signing Ajanaku is currently blazing airwaves with his video for his see you again (wiz khalifa ft Charlie puth) cover. He is an upcoming artiste and is currently enjoy air plays on hip TV , Sound city and their likes. The track has another bright and upcoming artiste on it, his name, Oberz.

The song has heartfelt lyrics apparently talking about the singer’s travails in life and his rise to his current status. He talks about all the  people who looked down on him and “never thought  he could make it on his own”

He talked about people who were more fortunate refusing to help the less fortunate, the fact that if you are being looked down on today doesn’t mean you would not rise tomorrow.

Ajanaku’s Pain is an  inspirational song helping us to realise that the fact that no one is helping you doesn’t mean you can make it on your own. Stop putting your entire dependence on man  , believe in God and work your ass to the top.

Oberz’s input in the song brought sweet melody to the entire production.

Big ups to EMG!!!


Video Review.

The first thing we liked was the fact that the video was shot strictly in black and white.  Colours bring out the , but with Black and white, we  see beneath the beauty, we see his pain .
We also noticed that they had added some beautiful instrumentals to the song in the video and we must say it was a welcome development .

Director Matt max did a good job on this one. The location and effects were simply superberb.



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