Missing Soldiers Ambushed By Boko Haram Have Returned

The Nigerian Army authority has revealed that soldiers who went missing after a fierce encounter with the Boko Haram insurgents at Gudumbali area of Borno State have returned and rejoined their unit.
The Army’s admission that the missing troops have rejoined their unit has further validated reports that some soldiers attached to the 157 battalion went missing after they came under attack on Wednesday.
Spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Sani Usman, admitted the return of the missing soldiers and lamented that the Army suffered a “slight setback”.
“Nigerian troops operating in the Northern Borno State towns of Gudumbali and Kareto had slight setback within the week. However, the situation is being stabilized.
“The troops have re-joined their units for further action.
“The earlier media reports were exaggerated. The CO (Commanding Officer) is currently with his soldiers.
“The incidence was just a minor setback, which is common in military operations,” Col Usman said.
According to Premium Times, the Commanding Officer, alongside a few other soldiers, emerged from the bush in a van several hours after the encounter. Some injured soldiers were taken to hospital.


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