Kano Shuts Down 50 Dance Clubs And 100 Game Centres

Following its detrimental impacts in breeding delinquent elements in Kano state, the State’s Film Censorship Board has shut down over 50 solo dance clubs and 100 game houses.
According to the agency, apart from enticing innocent girls to indulge in prostitution and other social vices, some of the girls were impregnated in the clubs.

Ismail Afakallah, the executive secretary of the board, stated that before the announcement of the closure, there was a case of two teenage girls impregnated in one of the state’s clubs, adding that the clubs expose underage girls to prostitution and encourage truancy among pupils and students.

“Because of the hazard of such game clubs in breeding delinquent elements in Kano, the censorship board had no option but to close down the houses,”
he said.


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