Huh?! Woman Commits Suicide After Husband Seizes Her Phone For Spending Too Much Time Online

An irate woman name Aparna of Kerala was left devastated after her husband took her phone away. The husband and wife who married about four months ago through an arranged marriage were faced with problems after the man complained that his wife spent too much time on Facebook and Whatsapp.  The 20-year-old indian woman was left devastated after the jealous husband decided to take the phone away from her and replaced it with a simple cellphone that does not have internet access and can only be used to send text messages and make calls. The husband, who worked as a truck driver, was often away for days at a time, which left his new wife lonely most of the time.  On the fateful day, the woman locked herself inside her bedroom. A few hours later, her husband and his friends discovered that she had committed suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom.   The shocked husband became distraught and tried to jump off the balcony of their home after discovering his wife had committed suicide over the smartphone. His friends grabbed him and would not allow him to jump off the balcony.


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