Buhari Reveals Achievements Made By His Government Since His Inauguration

President Muhammadu Buhari during the swearing in of minister-designates yesterday rolled out the achievements made by his government since his inauguration.

    “While recognising the challenges we face and the need to surmount them, let us not fail to note the progress we have made in the short life of this government, as an indication of how much better we can do as a people driven by patriotism and a common resolve to do things right.

    “On the mor*l sphere, trust is slowly but steadily being re-established between the government and the people.

    “Now, when the government speaks, the people listen; and when the people’s expectations are not met, they appreciate that it is not for lack of commitment or trying on the part of government. In effect, government business is now being conducted with transparency and cynicism is waning as a result.

    “Our adoption of the Treasury Single Account has resulted in the blocking of financial leakages in the public sector, making more funds available for the business of governance and ensuring the welfare of our citizens.

    “The Central Bank of Nigeria has also a$$isted more than 30 states of the federation with concessionary loans to offset salary arrears for their workers.

    “On the monetary side, the CBN has also implemented country-specific and innovative policies that have helped to stabilise the exchange rate and conserve our reserves.”

He also urged Nigerians to be hopeful as a turn around of the country’s ailing economy is imminent.


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