Yinka Ayefele Battered After Area Boys Hit Him With A Plank For Not SettlingThem

The hoodlums beat members of Ayefele’s band after discovering the singer himself had managed to escape, vandalizing his vehicles and musical instruments.
The source of their indignation was reportedly the fact that Ayefele — who was in town for the burial of 85-year-old Madam Ebunoluwa Lydia Odumakinde — had gotten paid N3 million for his performance, and had not shared anything with them.

The leader of the touts was said to have gone to ask the leader of the Ayefele band for a cut, but was rebuffed. In their anger, the party tent, chairs, tables and bottles were broken during the scuffle.
According to The Reporters, the police intervened timely before it got even bigger.


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