Vincent Enyeama: 'I Quit So As Not To Divide The Nigerian Football House'

as seen on IG today

''Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of whatsoever,I fear no evil for thou oh God JEHOVAH is with me.I didn't have a problem with Chief Onibginde,Chukwu,Equavon,Berti v
ogts,Lars Lagerback, Keshi. Under Berti Vogts, I WAS INJURED. it was a match against Ugandan that we won 1/0. The coach decided to stick to Austine Ejide after that match because Ejide had a great game. ONE QUESTION to everyone.
Who would be happy after just burying your mother that carried you 9months in the womb and suffered for you day and night, jumping on a 6hour plane to represent your fatherland only to be stripped of the captainship and humiliated at the first meeting in front of everyone after serving the nation for 13years. I have honoured about 99% of the national team invitations no matter where the match is played. Anyway, my decision to quit the national team is for the best interest of the nation. I don't want to be the reason that Nigerian football house is divided. I want Nigeria to get back up to where it belongs. It's a professional decision made for the blessing of the nation.I am very sorry for being the reason that all this things are happening.God bless NIGERIA#wearenigeriag.


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