Sad! 2 Children Burnt to Death as Their Mother Locked Them Indoors so She Could Go Out

A single mother of three, left her three children to go and hustle for 2k. She went with her client for the night for just 2k. Left her kids, two boys and a girl. Locked them up inside the room with candle light on.

From 11:58pm the room burnt down affecting her neighbors and killing her first son and daughter. Only one of them survived the fire.

Her husband had died leaving her to struggle for the kids and all she can do is to sell her body. The police came and arrested her as she returned this morning.

She confessed that the man paid her 2k for the night and she used 200 for transport. Same woman also gave birth to a baby boy few months ago in her room and left the baby to bleed to death through his placenta. She lives in Bacher, in Akar road, Rumolumini Community, Obiakpo LGA, of Rivers State.


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