Rihanna Unveils Name And Cover Art For New Album

Pop star, Rihanna has unveiled the cover art for her much anticipated 8th studio album entitled ‘Anti’.

The title was revealed by Rihanna herself in a private gig at the Mama gallery, Los Angeles, yesterday, October 7, 2015. The album artwork was designed by Roy Nachum as a statement on vision and vision impairment.

Before unveiling the artwork, Rihanna shared with her fans that “This is my favorite album cover I’ve ever done.”
The cover features a picture of Rihanna as a child with a crown covering her eyes. Laid over the image is a poem by Chloe Mitchell written in Braille, whose work has previously been used by Kanye West, Anti’s executive producer.
The cover features an image of a young Rihanna holding a black balloon, with a gold crown covering her eyes. Over the red-and-white canvas cover, a poem written by Chloe Mitchell is written in Braille.


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