MTN Simple Server Still Working Perfectly....

Although i said i wasn't going to post this, due to huge demand i had to reconsider...

AFter thoroughly testing the apps and experimenting various settings, the pass works flawlessly. Here is the simple tutorial for the android simpleserver.


Just like the Pc counterpart, you need the follow to get it work - 

1. Android smarthphone with at least android gingerbread version ( android 2.3 and above).
2. MTN Simcard
3. N100 or N1000 ( For BIS subscription either BBCDAY or BBCMONTH)
4. MTN SimpleServer Apk and Autoproxy Apk files.
Big Grin

1. Insert your MTN line in any mobile phone.
2. Dial *460*1# to migrate to MTN Bizplan ( free to migrate).
3. Load your simcard with N100 for the daily plan and N1000 for monthly plan, nothing more nothing less.
4. Subscribe to MTN Midi for MTN daily Blackberry plan @ N100/month, to subscribe, send BBMIDID as an sms to 21600 it lasts for 24 hours or more

5. Download MTN SimpleServer.apk file by following this link @
    Download Autoproxy apk file  by following this link @

MTN SimpleServer.apk and Autoproxy.apk Settings

Now, please follow this instruction carfully to correctly set your SimpleServer and Autoproxy correctly

SimpleServer APK 
Open the installed simple sever app and Tap on Settings

Configure it as exactly like this;
Listen port: 8080
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Enable Proxy: YES
Injection Method:GET or HEAD
Injection Query:

Injection Host:
Injection line: Just press enter 4 times (leaving it empty) and tap ok
Enable Injection: Tap to Enable
Log Level: NONE
Chnge Buffer Size to 80920
Change Concurrent Connections to 1000

Autoproxy APK

Open the installed Autoproxy App and set it exactly like this:

Add new proxy option (+), 
* Tap on proxy host and insert select ok,
* Tap on proxy port and input 8080 
* Proxy type : HTTP 
* Enable authentication
* Insert web for username 
* Insert web for password, press the back key.

  Open the SimpleServer App and press the Reddish Start button, it will start with a wheel like turning
  Open the Autoproxy App, tap on and select connect.

Enjoy a the blazing speed.

Then if you are a pc user just follow these processes below;

 Download the MTN Simple Server here
In the link above, everything to enable you browse without restriction is there, the settings is correct. What you need to do is to extract the zip file in a single folder, the content should be
SimpleServer.ini (the settings file do not edit it please).
SimpleServer.exe (the software you should run/start for it to work).

Read me file ( just the instruction which I have posted here).
Now that you have done all these above, go to the folder you dropped the three SimpleServer files above, they must be in the same folder. Click SimpleServer.exe to run it. It will load and say - Ready
Now minimize it - DO NOT CLOSE, MINIMIZE.

* Set the proxy of your browsers and other softwares you will use to match this
Proxy host -
port - 8080
Connect your modem to your computer and connect the mtn and start Browsing.

Please note that before you install autoproxy it might require rooting of your phone...

Watch our for etisalat simple server for 150 naira per week....


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