iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5: Real world performance test [Video]

Enthusiastic Android fans have historically relied pretty heavily on benchmark test scores when making the case against Apple’s iPhone lineup. This “fight” is ridiculous to begin with, of course, but relying on benchmark scores that don’t even represent real world performance is even sillier. Of course, many of these fanboys came around to agree with that line of thinking on benchmarks once iPhones started to crush the competition in benchmark performance tests, beginning with the iPhone 5s and continuing right up to this year’s iPhone 6s.

Performance tests that measure real world use might be considered a better gauge than tests that measure things like processor performance, and one recent test pitted the new iPhone 6s Plus against the king of Android phablets, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, in what could be a relatively accurate depiction of how these phones perform in the real world.



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