INSANE!!! Dad Tortures His Newborn Baby to Death and Hides Body in Locker

Joseph Walsh, 36, from Florida has been charged with the murder of his nine week-old baby boy, Chance. Walsh was said to have repeatedly bashed the newborn's head into the ground during an argument with his wife, Kristen Bury.

 Police said after the incident, Walsh let the infant waste away in his crib for more than a week after beating the infant to death. The baby died early September 16 in their North Port home. Bury who wanted to exonerate herself from the crime provided no answer why she didn't call 911 after the incident. Bury told police that she warned Walsh but he kept beating the infant and bashing his head into the ground. Police document is quoted as saying: “Joseph said to Kristen that he was going to bash his (Chance’s) head into the ground at one point during the argument. Kristen never called 911 or took any measures to prevent Joseph from abusing Chance,”

 Police charged Bury with first-degree felony in her son's death of his newborn son who got missing for more than a month when his body was found in a shallow grave in the woods less than 13 miles from their home. More evidence revealed contradictions in the statement from the couple. According to written statement from the couple known to be long-time drug users with a criminal record, Joseph during an interview said Kristen told him not to call 911, that she does not want to lose both people she loves in the same day. \

 Police also revealed the horrifying circumstances behind the infant's murder. After pounding the infant's head on the floor, Joseph wrapped the dead body in numerous garbage bags and placed the remains in the closet to decompose. Then, Bury complained about the smell. Eight days later, the two murderers took two trips to Elliot Court where they buried the body in a shallow grave.

 The two killers thought they had escaped and started a new life but were startled when the shallow grave was discovered leading to investigation after it was reported that the dead infant had gone missing. Detectives quizzed them to reveal the truth. Bury directed detectives to the gravesite, where a fragment of blue surgical gloves was found. The Police held Walsh without bond on the murder charged and on $150,000 bond for one count of child neglect. He was set to appear in court on Wednesday. Bury made her first appearance in court on Saturday, keeping her head down for most of the proceedings.

 Bury was held on $150,000 bond for the child neglect charge and no bond for the murder charge. The Florida Department of Children and Families released a statement describing the murder of the infant as heartbreaking.


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