Buhari Can't Double As Petroleum Minister And President - Ijaw Groups

Two Ijaw groups, Ijaw People Development Initiative, IPDI and National Association of Izon Ebe Students , yesterday, said it was unconstitutional for President Muhammadu Buhari to assume the office of Minister of Petroleum.

Leaders of the groups, Messrs Austin Ozobo and Ebi Wayas respectively, in a joint statement, said, “By virtue of Section 138 of the Nigeria Constitution of 1999 as amended, the president shall not during the tenure of his office hold any other executive or paid emolument in any capacity whatsoever.”

“This provision is indisputably clear , Buhari is taking us back to the days of the military rule, obviously he lacks the power to assume the position of petroleum minister as serving president,” they asserted.

Their words, “It is an act of lawlessness and the constitution prohibits a public officer assuming two political offices and earning double salaries, the president inclusive.”

They stated, “The president should resign as president and subject himself to screening by the Senate if he wants to be petroleum minister.”

“However, we advise him on the implication and negative impression his resolve to occupy two offices ‎may create on his unpopular change agenda,” they added.


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