Amazing Transformation Of A Burnt Face To Black Beauty Using Make Up - Photos

When Abuja-based makeup artist Zuzu Mamman of Sabjoz Beauty World published these photos online, she had no idea that they would have such an impact.

There is an even more remarkable story behind these photos. Gistmania reached out to the makeup artist and she shared the story with us. It is so amazing that for the 2nd day running, we have found young Nigerians performing random acts of kindness towards strangers.
We hear way too many negative stories and it has inspired us so much!

    Makeup artist Zuzu was in a salon when she spotted a young lady. The pretty young woman had burn scars on her face and body. Zuzu spoke to her and during their conversation, she revealed that she had survived a gas explosion.

    She had gone into the kitchen and did not realize there was gas leakage. Once turned on the stove and lit a match, there was a huge explosion. The brave young lady survived this devastating experience.

    After they spoke, Zuzu asked if she could make her over. She said yes. They decided on a bridal inspired makeover and you can see the results below.

We see beauty both in the “before” and “after” photos. We commend the brave young lady for allowing the world to see her in both ways and also Zuzu for reaching out to a stranger turned friend.


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