WTH? Robbers Raid Catholic Church In Abuja

Barely three months after the Catholic Church of Annunciation, Kubwa, was upgraded as a Parish by the Archdiocese of Abuja, suspected armed robbers stormed it and carted away valuable equipment and a Toyota Camry.

The robbers, who have kept Kubwa residents in persistent fear, especially at Arab road, Omega Paints Street and Sunrise Street, forced their way into compounds to carry out their nefarious activities.

According to the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Matthew Kwaggas, the robbers stormed the parish after Sunday’s service and removed most of the things used for thanksgiving, including bags of rice and drinks.

He also told the congregation during Mass that about two weeks after the first raid of the church, the robbers again broke in through one of the windows and removed all the public address systems, a Toyota Camry and  musical instruments.

Source: Vanguard Ngr


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