Very Bad!!! UNILAG Student Dies On Campus Due To Electrocution From A Fallen Pole

It quite unfortunate that a student of this great Institute, University of Lagos got electrocuted at the early hours of Tuesday Sept 8th night supposedly named Anekwe Oluchi, a student of Accounting for 300 level.

According to my sources, it was said that the high voltage wire fell on her while she was working through the axis of New Hall while heading back from church with a friend and her sister that were lucky to have not being hit by the high voltage wire. Although she was rushed to the institute’s medical centre, its quite unfortunate she wasn’t able to survive the electrocution.

At this point I pray that God will strengthen the parent of this lady to be able to get over this unfortunate event and also pray that her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

in my own view i beleive her parents should take it up against the school because students have been complaining about that pole yet nothing was done!

Oluchi may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace!!!!


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