Face Of The Week: Xclusive Interview Of Rapmania Tha X

Full Name:  David Okon

.Occupation- Rapper, writer & Teacher

What is your inspiration- My inspiration comes
from within, I create them. Sometimes my
environment is my inspiration.

Your stage name- Rapmania Tha X, Black L.a.w
& Tha Poetic

What is it you love doing- Rapping, reading &

Who is your role model- Malcolm X, Martin
Luther King Jnr, Mandela

What state are you from- Akwa Ibom

Your favorite color: Black, sometimes mixed

What do you think of Nigerian music industry-
I'm happy the Nigerian music industry is growing
and getting bigger by the day. This is the same
industry years ago that can boast of millions of
endorsement, now you can see we have
celebrities the likes of 2face, D'banj, Pquare,
Davido, Wizkid & Don Jazzy smiling to the bank
signing deals with big brands and
Telecommunication giants. Now it's a good
development but aside this list of celebrities I
have mention and others who fall under this list
which is called the A-list, what happened to the
other tiers of the music industry, basically
nothing is happening and this boils down to the
fact that the music industry lacks proper
structure. Now people are saying there are bodies
set up to create standard and protect our
intellectual property

 Please tell me, where are they?
Oh! I guess they're toothless dog only barking. A
lot needs to be done so that the industry can
benefits even an up and coming artistes.

What improvements would you like to see-
Proper structure should be created to protect our
intellectual property, Why wld Radio stations/
Media houses charge an up and coming artiste
like he has a mansion somewhere in Lekki.
Normally you should pay me royalty for playing
my song, which is my intellectual property. Lastly
I envisage a pirate free Nigeria music industry.

Your Best moment so far- Hmmm too many but
let me say this. My best moment is graduating
from the prestigious University of Lagos without
any academic issues. Also hosting Battle of the
Year (B.O.T.Y) Nigeria.

Could you give us your BBM pin:

Posted by Akpoborie Emmanuel


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