SLIMXCLUSIVE: Richest Top 20 Footballers in the World PART 2

Yesterday the Slimxcusive crew dropped off the first part of the list, 20 - 10; Today we shall be posting the 2nd part of the list, 9 - 1. 

9 - Ronaldinho  $83m

     Nine years after winning the Ballon d’Or, in 2005, and four years after leaving Europe behind, Ronaldinho is still earning big bucks. The Brazilian spent the last two years on a €2.7m annual contract with Atletico Mineiro but has recently moved to Mexico, where his Queretaro contract is heavily performance-related, but could be worth an additional €2.5m per year. The bulk of his earnings come from his Barcelona days and a hefty deal with Nike which has brought in over €20m in the last 10 years.

8 - Raul  $85m 

 The highest new entry in our Rich List, Raul regularly topped Real Madrid’s top earners in his 16 years at the Bernabeu, with his salary topping out at €7m per year. He earned another €14m in his two years at Gazprom-backed Schalke, and €10m for two seasons at Qatari side Al-Sadd. He is now at New York Cosmos, where he will play and head up the youth academy, for an unknown but significant salary (he turned down executive jobs at Real Madrid and Al-Sadd). His off-field portfolio is extensive, with his business Scar Sport Europe investing in renewable energies. He also has a property company, Luri, and an energy company, Cadmus, of which he owns 20 per cent.

7 - Samuel Eto'o  $87m
 Nearly half of Eto’o’s fortune came in two highly lucrative years spent with Anzhi Makhachkala, while before that he had won back-to-back Champions Leagues with Barcelona (2009) and Inter Milan (2010). He was earning €10m a year at Barcelona and €5m last year at Chelsea. His worth increased by lucrative deals with Puma and Ford but there has been little increase in this year’s tally as Eto’o has poured a lot of income into the final stages of launching the Samuel Eto’o Laikipia Unity Football Academy in Kenya.
6 - Kaka $96m 

     The 2007 Ballon d’Or winner earned more than €35m over the course of a four-year spell at Real Madrid, and though his salary more than halved on returning to AC Milan (where he forewent wages when injured), he is back on the money trail with a €2m deal for six months at Sao Paulo and now a €6.3m deal with Orlando City, the new MLS franchise which will make him the league’s highest-paid player. His clean-cut image makes him a marketer’s dream and his deals with Pepsi, Adidas, Samsung, Gillette and Armani (a seven-year contract) are ongoing. He owns property in Manhattan, Natal, Madrid and Milan.

5 - Wayne Rooney  $103m  
England captain Rooney is the highest-ranked Premier League player but the bulk of his net-worth comes from his Manchester United salary, which he increased to an annual €18.9m at the start of last season, strengthened by reported interest in his services from Monaco and PSG. His off-field income is boosted by  €5.4m thanks to deals with Nike, Samsung and Harper Collins. He also owns one racehorse (two were retired in 2013), while his Prestbury mansion was worth over €6m, he spent double that on upgrading it.

4 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic  $105m
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic has understood his value ever since Malmo sporting director Hasse Borg sold him for €8.7m to Ajax aged 19. The Swede is careful not to be too over-endorsed – he has deals with Nivea, Xbox, Volvo and Dressman while his Nike #DaretoZlatan contract ended last year – but is smart with his investments. His property empire reportedly includes a 350-acre forest estate in Dävensö, a church in central Stockholm recently renovated into a townhouse and an investment in a 66-apartment block in Tribeca, Manhattan. He also partnered with IT billionaire Dan Oloffson in launching Mikz, a celebrity-marketing app, in 2013. His book I am Zlatan, released in over 20 countries, earned him another €8m.


3 - The Neymar Family  $135m 
     Neymar was the face of the World Cup-hosting Brazil team in 2014, and as a result earned €37m in endorsement deals last year alone. His 12 fixed sponsors included Nike, Panasonic, Claro, foot odour-stopper Tenys-Pé, underwear brand Lupo, fizzy drink Guaraná Antarctica, Unilever, Volkswagen, Santander, Red Bull, Heliar (car batteries) and mobile app Palpiteros. His father, Neymar Snr, pocketed a €40m payout when the youngster joined Barcelona in summer 2013, a transfer that led to a tax fraud investigation. Neymar’s performances on the pitch will soon lead to more rewards, as he’s expected to sign a new contract almost doubling his €8.8m annual contract before the season ends.

2 - Lionel Messi  $200m
    Messi has the largest pre-tax contract of any player in the world, and has benefited from regular renewals on improved terms under a succession of Barcelona presidents. His clean-cut image means his endorsement deals are varied and lucrative, encompassing Adidas, EA Sports, Ooredoo, Samsung, Lay's, Audermars Piguet, Gillette, Dolce & Gabbana, Head & Shoulders, Gatorade and Pan Bimbo. His property empire is burgeoning: the jewel in the crown is ‘Azahares del Parana’, a huge complex which will house seven gated communities, a beach, a golf course and a sports complex just outside his hometown of Rosario. He recently left the board of one company, Limecu Espana, which is now worth €11.7m and is run by his brother Rodrigo.

And No 1 goes to no one other than the Current Ballon D'or holder, the best player in the world

1 - Cristiano Ronaldo  $210m 
     Ronaldo extended his Real Madrid contract in September 2013 to earn €18.2m per year. He collected extra bonuses in 2014 for winning the Ballon d’Or and helping Real Madrid win the Champions League and the Club World Cup. His sponsorship deals contributed a further €25m to his net worth, including partnerships with Toyota, Herbalife, Emirates, Castrol, Samsung, Soccerade, Emporio Armani, Konami, Banco Espirito Santo and KFC. The most lucrative of all is his deal with Nike while his clothing line CR7 is also a money-spinner. Other investments include Museu CR7, the Seven nightclub in the Algarve, a crowd-sourced mobile app, Mobitto, and a property portfolio worth over €30m.

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