@OLABODESAYGEE’s TOP 5 OAPs in Unilag 103.1 FM.

Am sure as a Unilag student you must have
heard about the first university
radio station, Unilag 103.1 fm and most of you
will even go home and use it
to brag to your friends from other schools, but a
lot of Unilag students
don’t even listen to the radio station forgetting
the fact that the station
was originally made to disseminate information
to students of the school,
outsiders now even listen more that students.
I WAS not a Huge fan of the station too but
trust me, this station has a
whole lot of potential (to be better than beat
fm), so on that note I urge
every Unilag student to always put their radio
on the 103.1 frequency in
school or at home and while you do that these
are some of the On Air
Personalities that will waoh you!!!
1. LAMU- His voice is no doubt the most
popular voice on Unilag fm, this
award winning OAP can give Olisa of beat fm
and Dotun of cool fm a run
for their money. The radio don himself is
usually on air on Mondays
7am-11am, Thursdays and Fridays with the
sleeping coach (10pm-12am).
2. Larry ForeMan-This light skinned dreaded
OAP is a major threat to all
top OAPs in top radio stations. He is crazily
funny and cannot be taken
seriously (only when it comes to matter of
money). You can listen to
Larry Foreman on Mondays 3-4pm (Monday
madness) and Wednesdays (weird
1. Real Skillz- The man with the smoothest
voice on radio, Skillz is a
presenter with poise and class. Skillz has
several programs ranging from
Eureka show (Thursdays 3-4pm), etisalat cliq
fest and also on the
morning train.
2. The Baker-The small man with a big voice,
Mr Bakare also know as
baker is an OAP with style and delivery.
Always on air for Morning Train
(Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
3. Tomike Alayande- The only female on the
list, Miss Tomike is a
beautiful, sexy and also eloquent OAP. Known
as LAMU’s right hand woman,
miss toke is an OAP that’s gat Toolz, Gbemi,
Tosin Bucknor, etc all on
their toes. I just had to put this; a lot of
people also have a crush on
Miss Tomike Alayande.
NOTE: If you listen to any program and you
don’t enjoy the program…forward
your complains to me via social media. Just send
me a dm…but don’t forget
to follow me shaa….
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