Huhh?? I Discovered Reakeado Banks On Twitter - Don Jazzy

In essence, what the Supreme leader of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty is saying is that Nigerian artistes must embrace Social Media or die!!

When asked in an Exclusive interview

 If today, you were a mad talented but unknown musician that is yet to “blow” — knowing all the things you know now, what would you do to get noticed?

He said;I would find a way to stand out in social media as I showcase my talent. FalzTheBahdGuy with his “Broda Taju” alter ego Instagram videos turned him into a sensation.

More recently, a talented guitarist named Godwyn was posting some of his renditions on Instagram which I ended up discovering.

Within 48 hrs, we had him at Mavin studio recording and releasing “Promise”.

He has gone on from there to get paid performances and continues to establish himself.

Mavin artist Reekado Banks was discovered via Twitter.

Linda Ikeji worked hard and smart and is the biggest online personality today.

You don’t need a prophet to tell you that social media is the fastest place you can get noticed today.

Don’t be in a hurry to get a million fans in a day. As long as you are doing something right, your fan base will grow daily even if it’s 10 new people that you convert each day.

Before you know it the right person will notice and the rest will be history.


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