How A Broke Guy Can Get A Girl (Must Read)

Getting the girl of your dreams does not necessarily have to depend on how much you have in your bank account.
A girl who truly loves you and desire to be with you will be charmed, not by cash, but by some other great things you can offer.
Let us take a look at some of the things that can help you land the girl without putting yourself in debt.
1. Look the part: The first thing that would draw a girl’s eye to you is the way you look. You do not have to break the bank to look good, clean and well kept-together. If she sees how well you look, and she finds it appealing, then that is one step closer to getting her attention, and hopefully, her heart.
2. Dazzle with your personality: When all you’ve got is your personality, make sure you make it count. Do not be afraid to show off what you are made of. If you are funny, brilliant, or talented in other areas, let her experience this. Show her that she can have a good time with you and have a lot of other reasons to respect you without you having to resort to buying her expensive gifts.
3. Be inventive: When you do not have money to distract her, you can actually focus on inventive ways to spend time with her. The whole point of winning her heart is to make her love being with you, it does not matter where you are or how much you spend.
No doubt, having the big bucks is an easier way to get her interested, and not having this to your advantage could make things a little challenging. But, get creative, work for her attention, she will see your effort and reward them.
4. Make her feel special: Everyone loves to feel special, and that includes women. So, to make her keep thinking about you, let her know how beautiful and special you find out. Make her feel like the only girl in the world and let her have nothing but positive feelings when she is around you or talking to you.
5. Get to know her: Another way to her heart is to make sure you take your time to get to know your lady. No information is too small or too useless. Know what makes her thick and what drives her. Be her best friend and confidante. Let her share her successes with you and come to you when things are not so good.
6. Avoid insecurity: It is easy, when you are not so affluent, to focus on the things you do not have and some men often take it to another level by taking it out on the girl. Do not keep bringing up the fact that you are still struggling, do not let her see any sign of insecurity or jealousy.


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