Harrysong Refuses To Get Into Any Relationship With A Lady

For ladies who love Harrysongs, his person and his
music. The artiste has not lacked female
attention especially since he hit the limelight.
But unfortunately for the ladies, the Five Star
Music artiste has said he is not in a relationship
and not even ready to get into one.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, he said, “I am not
seeing anybody. I am single and not in a
relationship because right now, I am concerned
with my music and I don’t want to be distracted.
I don’t have a girlfriend.”
A songwriter who is known to experiment with
different genres of music, Harrysongs said he
wouldn’t try any form of experiment with rap
He said, “The very day anybody sees me rap or
hear that I am rapping, they should go to their
pastor and beg him to pray for me and my career
because failure is not far. I cannot rap to save
my life.”
The bald singer said that although he is enjoying
his celebrity status, he also finds it very
“God is giving me grace to face the challenge. It
is not easy for family and friends to adjust to
fame even though you try to let them know that
you are the same person. They see me as a
different person so I try as much as I can to
stay humble and focused,” he said.


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