6 Good Reasons To Eat Okra

Do you know most people don’t eat okra »
because they don’t like the slime and sticky
nature but the regular consumption of this
podded green vegetable » can help prevent so
many unhealthy medical signs and usually
available fresh year-round, one of the best
way to preserve okra is to store it inside a
paper bag and place it in the refrigerator and
not the freezer.
1- Controls high blood sugar: The natural fiber
is okra works effectively for the patient with
high blood sugar, it normalizes and slows down
sugar absorption to help to control diabetes.
2- Rejuvenate damaged skin: Vitamin C is a
crucial compound for healthy skin. It helps
keep skin looking young and vibrant and
rejuvenate damaged skin. When use it for this
effect, its simple enough. Boil a handful of
okra until soft, cooling off and mash it, then
apply it to your face. After five minutes, you
can feel your face smooth and rejuvenated.
3- Promotes lower calories: okra is a good low-
calorie, fat-free addition to any diet,
especially weight loss diets.
4- Rich in minerals and vitamins
Okra is a rich source of many important
minerals and vitamins. Here are some
prominent vitamins, minerals, and other
nutrients found in okra that deserve some
spotlight. Each figure is based on 1 cup (100g)
of okra.
•Fiber – 2.5 grams. 10% of RDA (recommended
daily value)
•Vitamin C – 16.3 milligrams. 27% RDA.
•Folate – 46 micrograms. 11% RDA.
•Vitamin A – 283 international units. 6% RDA.
•Vitamin K – 40 micrograms. 50% RDA. The
vitamin K found in okra is known as vitamin
K1, one of two beneficial forms. The other
beneficial form is K2; K3 is synthetic and
should be avoided.
•Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 0.9 mg. 4% RDA.
•Thiamin (Vitamin B1) – 0.1 mg. 9% RDA.
•Vitamin B6 – 0.2 mg. 9% RDA.
•Magnesium – 36 mg. 9% RDA.
•Manganese – 0.3 mg. 15% RDA.
•Beta carotene – 225 mcg.
•Lutein, Zeaxanthin – 516 mcg.
5- Improves eye problems: okra contain large
amount of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, xanthine
and lutein. All of these are essential for good
vision. It can help prevent eye problems like
glaucoma and cataract.
6- Scalp moisturiser Promotes hair growth: okra
keeps dandruff away and a moisturizer for
dry and itchy scalp, apply the mixture of 3-5
fresh okra cut into pieces boil in water till it is
slim, and cool it off. Add few drops of lemon
juice to it. Apply the mixture to your hair after

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