Christianity Is Not A Religion Claims Popular Nigerian Actress

Actress cum Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, in a recent interview revealed that her new status will not stop her from doing what made her popular which is being an actress.
She  maintained  that, acting is a source of income and she does not have any reason to quit the profession because she is now a minister of God
The further revealed that Christianity does not forbid anyone from doing any work that suites them. Insisting that Christianity is not a religion, but a way of life.
“Acting is my source of income. I cannot abandon my career because I have to make a living. Being an actor, just like being a footballer, does not stop you from serving Christ. Christianity is not religion; it is a lifestyle; how you live and treat people, obey the word of God, etc.”
She insisted that being a pastor does not stop her from accepting movie roles maintaining that if she stops acting she might go hungry.
“However, if there are stories that don’t add value to society, I won’t be part of them. But if they educate and entertain, then, I have no problem, even if it means playing the role of an armed robber, pr0stitute, etc. This is all about passing on a message to correct things that go wrong in society.” She concluded.


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