N.B.A. Finals 2015: Drought Ends in Style as Warriors Win Title Over Cavaliers

Golden State celebrated its first N.B.A. championship in 40 years when the final buzzer sounded, the players forming a frantic mob at center court as silence fell over the sellout crowd
. The Warriors won the final three games of this best-of-seven series, countering every move that the Cavaliers made — and all the points, rebounds and assists that LeBron James could produce

Dru Joyce II, center, looked on as LeBron James  announced he would enter the N.B.A.  draft straight from high school in 2003.On Pro Basketball: Remembering King James, Before and After His CrowningJUNE 16, 2015
Can LeBron James be enough of a solitary star to overcome a deep and well-rounded Golden State team?Warriors Prove Even LeBron James Can’t Do It AloneJUNE 15, 2015
LeBron James scored 40 points with 14 rebounds and 11 assists in Game 5 Sunday, but the Cavaliers lost to Stephen Curry and the Warriors.Is LeBron James the N.B.A. Finals M.V.P., Win or Lose?JUNE 15, 2015
The last time more than 20 million people watched the N.B.A. finals, Michael Jordan led the Bulls past Shandon Anderson and the Utah Jazz.TV Sports: N.B.A. Finals Have a Shot at Ratings Not Seen in YearsJUNE 15, 2015
Stephen Curry during Game 4 of the 2015 N.B.A. finals on June 11 in Cleveland.Stephen Curry’s Mouth Guard: An InvestigationJUNE 16, 2015
“Pure joy,” said Steve Kerr, the coach of the Warriors, who showed up to his news conference soaking wet, fresh off a champagne shower in the locker room.


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