Stella Damasus Attacks Prolific Ghanaian Film Maker, Leila Djansi For Nollywood Comments

So I finally got to watch Nollywood actress Stella Damasus’ trending YouTube video addressing some ‘negative’ statements made by Leila Djansi about ‘Nollywood’.The video was in response to a TV interview Leila Djansi did. 

Leila Djansi had said that new producers should not be put under the blanket of Nollywood as that would not help their reputation. She had also said that the new producers aligning themselves with Nollywood was as bad as a mother calling her son Hitler.

Stella felt insulted by Leila’s comments and came to Nollywood’s defence. But I think Stella could be making a big issue out of nothing. We all know there is a new breed of African (Nigerian and Ghanaian) film makers who are doing things very different from the typical Nollywood we all know or grew up to know. All Leila said was that tagging such movies ‘Nollywood’ could be bad for the many people who harbour negatively feelings about ‘Nollywood’.

In her video, Stella talked about Leila gaining fame in Nigeria for casting Omotola in ‘Ties That Bind’. I have watched an interview in which Omotola herself insinuated that she is careful with the films she does now and she says away from ‘typical Nollywood movies’.

Thats my view…what’s yours?... watch the video below;


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