Unlocking the winner in you.

The magic question is;
Who do you want to be?
What are your ambitions?
You are already a unique you.
What do you aspire to be?
Your aspirations should be your drive.

What happens when,
The cheering crowd is nowhere to be found.
The smiling admirers have found something more interesting to admire.
It seems like its just you pushing this game.

This is where most people give up.
Run away.
But the tough people hold on.
Pull the ropes.
Fasten their belt for the race.

They soldier on with a mindset of a winner.
Endurance takes over.
Patience kicks in.
Wisdom accelerates.
Books become the co-pilot.
God becomes the engine.
Then the plane takes off.

Integrity keeps the plane in the sky.
When it finally lands.
It is then welcomed at its destination.

So,PUSH till you can't push anymore.
Unlock the winner in you.

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