Stress: A Fact Of Life By Grace Uduma Olugu

Hey readers,
This New Year,I've found out that my writing inspires me more than I know.I read it and it motivates me to put my words in action.Why?

Its simple:People are afraid of change.
I had to move from several shades of different colours of clothing(Believe me!I had a thing for neon orange!),to black and white!Woah.
I had to adjust my schedule."Protect my white."Listen more,hear less.
A lot then had to change,I had to smile more and explain more.Then squint more?

So I loved these colours and love fashion.So there IS a lot to change.So I run to practical motivation like Joel Osteen.I listen then do more!It's interesting what change can do!

Because change is constant,it has to be gradual.
Don't be in a hurry.You are a work in progress.
Don't be scared of change,embrace it!
There have been several good predictions about this year,so plunge in.Hope keeps success moving.


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