Sensational Black Racist Story (Laquisha) Has Gone Viral On Twitter (READ DETAILS!)

A black woman has vented her fury at a man who she claims ignorantly refused to learn her name and said all 'hood black girl names sound the same'.
Tora Shae tweeted that a white co-worker called Evan pointed at the name plaque on her desk and said: 'What the f*** does this say?'
When she spelled her name out for Evan, she claims he responded by faking confusion and asking if her name was Laquisha.
According to Tora - who spells her name Torra on Facebook - he added: 'Whatever, I won't even try. All those names sound the same anyway.'
After she asked what he meant by that, Evan is said to have replied: 'You know, those hood black girl names. They all sound the same so I refuse to try.'
Tora, who had just sat next to her co-worker for the first time after getting a promotion, says she played it cool, realizing how she could exact her revenge.
Explaining her next move in a string of tweets, she wrote: 'I inhale and say "Yeah, I completely get it Todd", and smile as innocently as as possible.
'If you remember, his name is Evan. He knows that. I know that. He KNOWS I know that. 

The posts, which have been collectively retweeted more than 30,000 times in just 24 hours, have had a largely positive reaction online.
Michael Sparrow tweeted: 'Love it. He sounds like a complete jerk. Treat other people how you want to be treated I say.'
Imani Gandy, whose Twitter handle is @angryblacklady, added: 'Madam, you're my hero.'
Geoff LaTulippe wrote: '1) This is beyond amazing and 2) you're a hero and 3) you almost have to marvel at his profusely arrogant forthright bigotry.'



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