Reasons Why We Sleep Through Church Service But Stay Awake For A 3 Hour Movie

It is because the erring, mortal, carnal, sinful human nature which humans assume to be their God-given identity is actually is the complete and imaginary opposite of man’s real identity and nature – man’s natural identity as the complete and unadulterated spiritual image and likeness of God, Love, goodness. The mortal, sinful, carnal human nature, which the world educates us to believe is our identity, thus dominates the tendencies of our human behavior.

The world is not aware of this, and its systems of learning, even currently common systems of theology, unwittingly and unknowingly discourage rather than encourage man’s discovery of his real relationship with God – for man to learn of and to practice the acknowledgment of his natural spiritual perfection. Resultingly, ignorant of this potentially life-changing fact, humans tend to act continually in opposition to their own good and spiritual advancement.

Believing himself to be an individual thinker, instead of understanding himself to actually be the direct extension and reflection of the one and only Mind, the Mind of God, the Christ-man which Jesus perfectly exemplified for mankind, humans continue to ignorantly create and promote their own discordant life-environment. I understand this to be what Jesus meant when Jesus said he was come to save sinners. Jesus came to awaken mankind from the subtlety of sin in exactly these forms. Sin does not loudly announce itself. It is deeply hidden within the belief of one’s own identity, and is usually disguised as goodness. Its nature being pure deception, sin can only gain a foothold in consciousness by deceptively convincing one that it is a real, valid, unremovable part of one’s nature.

When we are educated to believe that our nature is a sinful one, a false foundation for the presence of evil in our lives is unwittingly established without our consent. We must tear down that foundation. The Bible tells us ( just one small example) “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8.) The sinners to which Paul refers are the falsely educated identities of ourselves as sinners, which we must strive to put behind us. If God had created a natural sinful nature in us, it would be contrary to God’s wishes to change that, and it would be unnatural to rid ourselves of it. It is therefore illogical to believe that man has a natural God-granted tendency to sin. 

So, it’s easy to sleep through church when your thought is centered only on the material world surrounding you. It’s much easier to concentrate on fantasy, like that fascinating movie which so glorifies the same world around which human thought revolves. It’s hard to pray be when we do not know how to pray, or what it means to do so because our view of existence is centered on the material world. If spirituality is far off and distant in our thoughts and we do not know how to approach it, and we have little interest in doing do, it is much easier to simply curse the things around us which to which we unwittingly consent and which are the results of our own lackadaisical attitudes toward existence. It is hard to post a Godly bulletin when thought is never focused on God. We justify our false selfhood, supposed to be separate from God, and we justify the discord cherished in mortal mind, by reposting the mean bulletins. And it is easier to worship a celebrity than God because the celebrity brings to our thought the delights of the world with which our falsely educated senses are accustomed.


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