I called MTN's customercare number, a lady picked and we
had this conversation.
LADY: Hello, goodevening,thanks for calling MTN customer
care service,my name is Joy, what's your name and where
are you callingfrom?
ME: Hello, goodevening,my name is James Elumeluand
I'm callingfrom Lagos state.
LADY: How may I help you, Mr. Elumelu?
ME: I'm looking for a wife to marry.
LADY: Is that why you calledthe customercare service?
ME: Yes and I think I'm already in love with you... You know
you have a very nice voice.
LADY: Hellooo! Please, we only attend to issues about your
MTN line, okay?
ME: Yes o... This is an issueaboutmy MTN line too,
because I spend much credit calling so many girls asking
them about marriage.
LADY: Please! I would have to put an end to this call!
ME: Baby, don't talk like that now... I promise to make you
happy. You would be happy with me. Can I have your
number please?
LADY: (hissing) Hey Mr. man, I think somethingis wrong
with you!...
ME: (cutting in) Hey, hold it there... I hope you can now feel
how frustrating it is to receive a call and hear rubbish?!
From today henceforth,tell every other staff there including
yourself that nobody should call me with a funny number
only for it to be an advert or send me those nonsense
messages you guys disturb my phone with daily!


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