How Buhari Promised Ogoni People 3.6 Billion Naira Yearly To Sabotage Biafra (Must Read)

n desperate attempt to subdue Biafra restoration, the Buhari led government has once again made a false pledges to our brothers and sisters in Ogoniland. Buhari pledges to give 3.6 Billion Naira yearly to Ogoni people not to support Biafra . And additional 1 Billion if there are no sabotage on oil flow. This promises are coming when our cousins in Ogoniland and our South-South brothers are coming out in full force to support the restoration of their fatherland Biafra. Buhari has used and continue to use all manner of evil tactic to destroy what Chukwu Okike Abiama has ordained, few Biafrans and indeed Nigerians were aware that the former British Prime Minister was in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) just few weeks ago to promise our brothers in riverine areas the British support in developing their land. One would ask, why now? does it mean that the British government was not aware that these people in South-South have been suffering since the creation of this evil contraption called Nigeria?
After Tony Blair left Igwe Ocha, the genocidal Yakubu Gowon was sent to the same Igwe Ocha all in a bid to destroy all the efforts our Ikwerre, Ijaw other brothers from Rivers State and surrounding have achieved so far in restoring Biafra. As their evil plans to destabilize Biafrans effort in restoring God’s Kingdom on earth have been wasted, the father of all evil Obasanjo was sent to ABA, Abia State to bribe some of the men that were parading themselves as Eze, Chiefs and Igbo leaders. The question Biafrans are asking now is, WHO IS THE NEXT demon Buhari will sent to Biafraland to destabilize our quest for freedom?
Biafrans are wise now, they can not use money that is coming from our land to divide us again in a bid to continue ruling us and destroying our land with their divide and rule tactics.
They have concluded plans to make Lagos state a “Semi Autonomy” so that they can destroy all the Biafran businesses and impose high taxes, high accommodation rates and making life unbearable to Biafrans living in Lagos. The question our brothers from the South-South are asking the government of Buhari is, what happen to the Amnesty program the government of Yar’adua put in place for them? Of course that is no more because the same Buhari stopped the Amnesty program last December. The same way he will stop any promises made to you now in just few years to come. For the past 7 years of Amnesty program, what have it achieved in the lives of South-South people? The answer is nothing, zero. Instead they have used that to kill more of our brothers, sisters and elders.


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