EXPOSÉ! What Davido's Father Told Me When We Had A Secret Meeting - Sophie Momodu

Embattled mother of Davido’s love child, Sophia Momodu, brushed aside Davido’s release of a medical report indicating that there was cannabis in Imade’s system.
In a series of tweets, Sophia described the claims excuses to take Imade from her.

She said, “On September 15, David’s dad invited us for a meeting that had in attendance two of his friends and Coco (his daughter).

“In that meeting, David’s dad apologised for the way I was treated in Coco’s residence and said the reason the baby was taken was because medical tests detected marijuana in Imade’s system and he needed to protect her from me and David.
“I couldn’t understand that because I don’t smoke marijuana and I objected at that meeting, but I was told to stay calm.

“After the meeting, his dad requested I leave my seven-month-old baby with him and told me I could come around to check her anytime. He also promised to pay me some upkeep and provide me with a car.
“I had to accept because I felt they had good intentions and since I could come to check my baby anytime, it was okay by me.
“They kept to their promise of the upkeep, but not the car. I didn’t bother since I could afford one. All that matter was my baby.

“Cannabis was never found in my system; it was a concocted lie to steal away my baby. I don’t smoke; I have never smoked weed let alone smoke while Bosom feeding.”
Meanwhile, Sophia’s media mogul uncle, Bashorun Dele Momodu has stated that he would not be joining words further with the singer. He revealed that his decision to do so is in deference to elders who have prevailed on him.


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