Dr Bright Deletes Florence Esu Photos Form His Instagram After Their Engagement News Saga

Just days ago, Dr Bright Echefu and his beauty queen fiancee Florence Esu were flaunting their love on social media.

Not until Nigerians learnt they got engaged just 4 MONTHS after Bright Echefu buried his beautiful wife Cindy Echefu while she was pregnant with their 3rd child and that Florence was even her close friend. All hell was let loose as everybody rained fire and brimstone on the careless love parade.

Just as Lailan Honey Evarist pointed out, NO WOMAN, dead or alive, would be happy to know that her husband will get married to a close friend of hers after FOUR MONTHS of her death.

Aftermath of the public outrage their engagement news sparked - Florence Esu has now deleted her Facebook page while her fiancé Bright Echefu has removed her photo as hi
s display pic on Instagram.

I had shared photos of her flaunting her engagement ring on her Facebook page HERE. She was even referring to Bright as her husband long before the engagement.

Bright has also deleted her pics from his IG page. He also used to have Florence as his display photo. Now, first on his page is a message about his late wife.


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