5 Side Hustles for Earning Money as a Student

Are you often broke and have to resort to eating only once a day or to soaking garri 24/7? I feel you. 

A lot of students are.

Don’t get weighed-down. It’s a new year and a time to try out new things! There are many ways to 

get your account back in order.

Here are 5 side hustles you can engage in this 2016 that don’t cost much to start up and can be

done at your own time.

1. Graphic Design

Are you creative and able to come up with eye-catching designs and infographics? If you can 

create images to give information for publicity, advertisements and branding then you can 

use this talent to make money for yourself. You can search for new jobs or projects or just 

come up with one of your own and try to sell it. Platforms such as Freepik 

 can help you sell icons and templates you create. Talk about 

passive income!

Real life example:

My graphic design and illustration start up, RC Grafiks, creates stunning

infographics and print media for clients on and around campus.

2. Make Up

Make up that girls do very often can be turned into a business. Everyone wants to look 

beautiful! If you have an eye for such beauty and can help young girls and women achieve 

their desired goals then you can use your ability to earn money for yourself.

3. Modelling and Ushering Services

This can be very lucrative if you have the nerve for it, the beauty and the good relationship 

skills needed. I know a handful of students who make up to N30,000 a month from a few 

events or photo shoots per week. If you are really ambitious and have good experience you 

may one day start your own company for modelling and ushering company. 

Real life example:

Maver Agency is a start-up ushering service 

agency with plans to venture into modelling soon.

4. Photography

If you have a camera and know when a scene is beautiful, why not venture into 

photography? Take pictures at events for a fee or just random pictures that could tell a story 

and put them up for sale. A lot of platforms to sell stock photographs already exist such as 

iStockphoto. Using Instagram for exhibiting your works could help 

you gain popularity.

Please Note: Taking selfies is not a side hustle.

Real life example:

Photographer Tosin Barbs

5. Performing at events

Performing at events can be lucrative. Do you have the skills to be an MC at events such as 

weddings, birthday parties? Can you perform (dance, for example) or mix music to suit the 

mood? This might just be your side hustle to earn money

Real life example:

DJ SlimGaga performs successfully to the 

delight and excitement of the crowd at every show.

What do you do as your side hustle? Feel free to share in the comments! 


 Written by Nonso Okolo



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