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12 things successful people do right before bed

The very last thing you do before bed tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the next day, as it often determines how well and how much you sleep.
Successful people understand that their success starts and ends with their mental and physical health, which is almost entirely dependent upon their getting enough sleep.
That is why good bedtime routines are a key ritual for so many of them.
Here's what many successful people do right before bed:

1. They read.
Experts agree that reading is the very last thing most successful people do before going to sleep — President Barack Obama and Bill Gates are known to read for at least a half hour before bed.
Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "You Can't Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work," says he knows numerous business leaders who block off time just before bed for reading, going so far as to schedule it as a "non-negotiable item" on their calendar.
"This isn't nece…

26-Year-Old Arrested In Anambra Over Attempt To Blackmail Late Chief MKO Abiola’s Wife

A 26-year-old man, Caleb Nzube, who attempted to blackmail the wife of late Chief MKO Abiola of $5,000, was last week arrested in Anambra State.
Nzube allegedly hacked the Twitter handle of Mrs Tinu Abiola, downloaded her picture and designed a web page showing the woman carrying a human skull.
He then threatened to expose the web page to the world if the woman does not pay $5,000.
Traumatised Mrs Abiola, it was learned, petitioned the Inspector General, Solomon Arase, who directed a combined team of the Inspector General Monitoring Team and the Intelligence Response Team to track down the suspect.
He was arrested when the operatives stormed his hideout in Obosi.

It was gathered that Mrs Abiola was not the suspect’s only victim, as a serving Senator and two others were also being harassed by him on the social media.
Speaking with Vanguard after his arrest, Caleb Elom Nzube agreed that he is an internet fraudster as he specialised in online dating before venturing into blackmailing thinking …

F.A Cup 5th Round Full Draw

Everyone on 'soccer planet' is happy with this draw except two groups.  Chelsea and Manchester City fans are not smiling at the moment. see the full draw below;

StoryForThegods!!!! I Control N200b Budget But I Can’t Build A House - CBN Director

Now is  Alhaji Muhammadu Kabiru Nuhu-Koko worthy of praise? I think so. Actually, I believe so. In a country where family members congratulate you for a political appointment or promotion because they expect its your turn to siphon funds put in your care? Of course it is worthy of praise. It should be. It is not how it goes down in Nigeria. If you are exposed to billions of funds, you are expected to steal. Therefore, Alhaji Muhammadu Kabiru Nuhu-Koko, I hereby congratulate you for your exemplary attitude and mindset. You are worthy of emulation. – Jide Salu

A director with the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Alhaji Muhammadu Kabiru Nuhu-Koko,has attributed the slow pace of the country’s economic growth to unwillingness of Nigerians to dump selfish desires for national interest. 
This came as he regretted that a large number of Nigerians were splashing huge sums of money on the Ghanaian economy, in their bid to seek western knowledge at the detriment of the growth of th…

VIDEO: HumbleSmith ft. Davido – Osinachi (Remix)

Osinachi (Remix) by Humblesmith featuring Davido, is enjoying massive radio play in Lagos at the moment and gets bigger by the day. Its crisp visuals, which you can watch below was directed by Clarence Peters and you can tell that he did an amazing job. Interestingly, right before Davido’s first verse, a hilarious scene occurs that adds more humor to the “No be by force to go Dubai” line by Davido.
Watch and Enjoy!

Download now

How We Rigged 2014 Elections, Tope Aluko Confesses On Channels TV

Nigerians have taken to twitter to react to the strong allegations PDP Secretary in Ekiti state Tope Aluko made against his party and former President Goodluck Jonathan this evening while speaking as a guest on Channels TV programme, Politics Today. 

FG Declares French Compulsory For All Students In All Levels Of Education In Nigeria


Check Out Things Only A Left Handed Person Will Understand

Did you know that lefties typically have better hearing than righties? Or that presidents are more likely to be left-handed? Both true. But chances are you’re more familiar with the less exciting side effects of being a southpaw. Case in point: the nickname southpaw. Here, 18 things only left-handed people understand.

1. THE STRUGGLE THAT IS WITH A PAIR OF SCISSORS. You need to cut something, so you grab a pretty standard, ubiquitous office supply. Simple, right? Wrong.

2. THE FORMER STRUGGLE THAT WAS A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK. As if high school wasn’t enough of a drag, you had to deal with parallel dents running down the side of your hand and still have to if you still use these kind of notebooks 
 HAVING ISSUES USING BINDERS AS WELL Same struggle as those spiral notebooks


Americans Call Olamide Gay For Wearing Palm Sandals On His Native Kaftan - Photos

Olamide was at Toolz' wedding yesterday in this outfit. He took a pix with Wale and Wale uploaded it on his Instagram page only for Americans to unleash drama, calling Olamide gay because he wore sandals.

Ooops: Seven Confirmed Dead In Lagos Lagoon Boat Accident

Seven people are said to have died following a boat accident in Lagos on Saturday morning.
It was gathered that the incident occurred after the boat which was conveying 17 people from Badore, Ajah to Ijedeh, Ikorodu, capsized.
Spokesman of the  National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), in the Southwest region, Mr Ibrahim Farinloye, told Channels Television through a telephone call that, 13 of the occupants of the boat were rescued while one reportedly died in a hospital in Ajah.

The remaining are said to be receiving treatment in the hospital.
As at the time of the phone call, Mr Farinloye explained how the incident happened.
“We received a distress call at about 10:25am about a boat mishap with 17 passengers on board, immediately we mobilized the Marine Police, National Island Waterways and Lagos State Waterways Agency to search and rescue the victims.”
He explained that the cause of the accident was a pile up of sand along their route which the boat did not see and ran into it.
He added…


See how much Google paid a guy to get back

Last September, an ex-Google employee managed to buy for $12. This week, Google googl finally revealed the details of how it reclaimed the rights to its own website.
It all started when the search giant accidentally put its own home page up for sale on its own web address marketplace, Google Domains. Sanmay Ved, a former Google ad sales specialist who is now an MBA student at Babson College, was perusing available website domain names late one night when he noticed was available at a price of $12 per year. Curious to see what would happen, Ved purchased it, and received confirmation that he was Google’s new webmaster, according to Ved’s LinkedIn post describing the episode.
Alas, within “a minute or so,” Google canceled the transaction, apparently realizing its error. But a few days later, Ved received an email from someone at Google, offering him a consolation prize (“in a very Googley way,” Ved wrote): A check of $6,006.13, Google disclosed in a post on the compa…

Blackface Speaks, Tells What He Wants From 2Baba

The crisis currently being witnessed in the Nigerian entertainment industry is taking a new turn as the day goes by and while some issues are being put to rest, some are beginning to come up.
Latest of such issues has been the allegation of song theft between Blackface and 2Baba and Wizkid.
Blackface who has been in the news lately over the allegation feels 2Baba whom they have been together from day one is not treating him fairly after making hits with some of his works.
Not being specific about some of the songs, during an interview with TVC morning programme, Your View, where he was a celebrity guest, the singer stated that he does not want anything from 2Baba but just simple acknowledgment either from him or any other person using his works.

In his words, “2face feels I am someone you can trample upon. I am one person that have thought these guys how to be a good song writer and thought them the rudiments of music, yet they will just see one as nothing.
I am not expecting anything from…

Skales Admits He Made A Serious Mistake Attacking Wizkid

Nigerian singer, Raoul John Njeng better known as Skales, has admitted that trading words with fellow singer, Wizkid, was one of the greatest mistakes he will ever make.
The singer made this known on Multi TV’s ‘Let’s Talk Entertainment‘ programme, as he explains that he now sees him growing in the eye of many considering the fact some other people look up to him as a role model.
“That’s one of the mistakes I made and I feel like I’m growing in the eyes of the public so definitely, I know that you can never benefit from things like that. So I’ve become a better person now, I’m more grown now, I’ve realized that I’m a role model, a lot of people look up to me and so there’s some mistakes I cannot do,” Skales Said.
Meanwhile, with the ongoing allegations of song theft in the country, Skales, noted that he is so certain that nobody can steal his intellectual property and if anyone does, he will not spare the fellow.

Warning about lyrics theft, he said, “if you steal my lyrics, I’m coming for…

Switzerland Is Planning To Pay All Its Citizens $2400 Per Month - $570 For Children!

Switzerland is seen by many as a unique country in more ways than one, and they could become more unique if this radical proposal gets voted into law.

A referendum to be held in the tiny European nation on the 5th of June, would decide whether the proposal should be implemented.
Introduced by a group of intellectuals in the country, the proposal is meant to end poverty and combat inequality- under it, every adult citizen would be entitled to an amount circa $2400 every month.
Children would be entitled to an amount approximately $570 per month.
Critics of the proposal say it would encourage a huge percentage of the populace to stop working, but the group proposing the policy cites a study which showed that most Swiss would keep working despite the income.
“The argument of opponents that a guaranteed income would reduce the incentive of people to work is therefore largely contradicted,” it said.
Whilst I would love to live in such a country, this looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Huma…

MIRACLE! Woman Delivered First Born From Four-Year-Old Pregnancy In Ogun

It was a mixture of shock and amazement in the sleepy town of Ikugbomire in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, Ogun State, on Wednesday as a woman was delivered of a baby from a pregnancy she had carried for four years. 
The question on every lip was, ‘could it be true that Mrs Oluwabunmi Ogidan was delivered of a baby?’
 The obscure settlement instantly became a Mecca of sorts as people trooped to Alayo Vantage Hospital from far and near for a glimpse of the miracle baby. Before she was delivered of the baby, the happy mother had become the butt of taunts and ridicule in the community, particularly after a scan conducted on her protruding tummy indicated that all she had in it was fibroid. 
Among the cruel jokes targeted at her was the question as to whether the baby in her womb would come out with a full set of teeth or walk and talk the very day it is born.
The arrival of the baby therefore marked the end of years of anxiety for 33-year-old Oluwabunmi and her 42-year- old husband, Ban…

Arsenal Sign Nwakali and Chukwueze For £3M

Arsene Wenger yesterday confirmed that Arsenal is set to complete a £3million deal for young Nigerian duo Kelechi Nwakali and Samuel Chukwueze.

Kelechi Nwakali and Samuel Chukwueze attracted interest from some of European football’s elite clubs after leading Nigeria to victory at last year’s Fifa Under-17 World Cup in Chile.

Nwakali, an all-action midfielder, was the tournament’s stand-out player, captaining his side to victory and picking up the Player of the Tournament award. Chukwueze, who predominantly plays
on the wing, scored three goals and claimed three assists.

Wenger expects deals for both players to be completed by Monday’s transfer deadline, provided issues surrounding the players’ work permits are resolved.

dont know if its just me but those guys look well over 20.... Just Saying.............