Three Albums, Three Artistes, One Release (@olabodesaygee)

It has been a while since I dropped an article, well that has been

because I have been busy with school stuffs, you know writing project,

writing exams and getting to know that am not going to finish school

with the people I started with but its no biggies, I have moved on. I

want to use this medium to tell my people what to expect from

Olabode Saygee (the writer) come 2016. I will be dropping 3 sets of

articles as the 1st will be called ‘How I See It’. This is basically about

happenings in the country about any topic but mostly entertainment.

The second series will be the usual top five with Olabode Saygee while

the third series will be about the least talked about topic in this part of

the world “sex”. This series will be called, hmmm……. “Saygee Sex

Series”, so that’s that about that. Now to the business of the day three

artistes, three albums and one release date. On Monday 23rd of

November 2015, 3 albums where released into the Nigerian music

market. Burna boy’s on a spaceship, runtown’s ghetto university, and

olamide’s eyan mayweather. These are all musical masterpiece and all

albums will trend for a week or more if it had been released before or

simultaneously after each other. Without doubt runtown was the first

to announce his release date followed by burna boy and then Olamide

being the last of the pack. Similar occurrence has been the order of the

day in the American music industry with notable ones being that of

50cent, kanye west and lil wayne. These 3 artistes released their

albums simultaneously to media and the general public’s judgment of

which is hot and which is not. Now back to the Nigerian scene, am

super sure that burna boy and Olamide knew that runtown had choose

23/11/15 as his release date but the question is where they trying to

show that they are hotter in the game than runtown or its just the

competitive nature the industry now has? Well am sure burna could

have picked the next day for the release of his sophomore album as we

all know that ghetto university is runtown’s debut and let’s not even

talk of the badoo who is releasing his 5th studio album (agbaya people

instead make dem give small pikin chance) if not his 6th (remember he

has 2kings with phyno)??

Well naa read you dey read since naa, you sef answer that one yourself.

However, I have listened to all 3 albums and the under listed is my own

ratings of each.

GHETTO UNIVERSITY by Runtown= 6.5/10

He had great singles but the total album was not strong enough to

topple the other two released on the same day.

ON A SPACESHIP by BurnaBoy= 7.5/10

Won’t lie, was a great album all in all, but not as great as his debut

album L.I.F.E, I think burna was missing the Leriq feel on this one.

EYAN MAYWEATHER by Olamide= 7/10

Not a bad album, but Olamide is a badder beast than what I heard on

this album. Am sure he can do better and I know he defiantly will do

better on his next project.

All dis one naa my own opinion oooo!!! You can drop yours in the

comment box…..

Ff on twitter/IG/facbook @olabodesaygee.


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